Procedures & Systems

Throughout the years, the number of procedures that we carry out in our everyday business has increased. We have also refined our procedures; we have simply found better ways to do things. It became apparent that we needed to document all of our procedures and systems and we therefore wrote an internal Procedures Instruction Manual (PIM) comprising all professions and job roles and their associated activities.

It is important for us to be able to communicate with our staff, to clearly explain to them what our procedures and systems are and exactly how we function as a company. We have found that the most successful way to do this is by means of a Procedures Instruction Manual (PIM). An estimator needs to know exactly which forms need to be completed e.g. the Estimator’s Project Report form. Likewise, a contracts manager needs to know which forms need to be completed e.g. the Health, Safety and Environmental Survey, and furthermore how frequently  this form needs to be filled in. This is not to say that our management do not understand our procedures, but rather if they have any questions then a manual can be referred to for clear instruction.

We don’t just call ourselves managers; our procedures and systems have been designed with management in mind. Throughout our documented procedures there are references to two main systems that we use, the Argrove Database System (ADS) and integrated construction software. By following the tabs on this page, you are able to find out more about our business systems.

Argrove Database System (ADS)

All of our company forms have been designed using the Argrove Database System (ADS). We currently have a total of ninety three internal forms, from the Pricing Register, Project Handover Meeting Minutes and Subcontractor Questionnaire to Information Required Schedules and even Construction Phase Plans. They are all produced using the Argrove Database System (ADS). It is an extremely well designed system of operation and enables us to achieve much more stringent project and programme control.

As a business we didn’t need just a few spreadsheets, we needed a full database system. We simply wouldn’t be able to operate as we do currently with ninety three different spreadsheets as business would soon become almost unmanageable if this were the case with errors creeping in to spreadsheets and some of these files possibly being saved in the wrong place to highlight just a few problems. The Argrove Database System (ADS) eradicates these kind of problems.

The Argrove Database System (ADS) is just one of the ways in which we have become a fully systemised Principal Contractor. Fully integrated construction software also plays a major role in how our business operates. By following the next tab on this page, you are able to find out more about the integrated construction software that we use.

Integrated Construction Software

It is important to us as a company to use a fully integrated construction software system. We wouldn’t be able to function as we do now by using a disjointed almost systemless approach with several different applications that are not integrated.

From quantity take-offs to planning and estimating and then on to post-contract stage and commercial management, all of our software is fully integrated.

We wouldn’t want to use a separate program for quantity take-offs, then another program for planning and another program for estimating and then have to somehow move this information over to post-contract stage. This would be an inefficient, unproductive and costly way to operate. How can professional management efficiently control their workflow with non-integrated software? They can’t. Efficiency comes from having streamlined, systemised and integrated operations.

Our integrated software comprises a quantity take-off application, analytical estimating, critical path planning, dynamic forecasting, cashflow modelling, monthly valuations and cost value reconciliation.

Our software also integrates costing, project accounting, enterprise accounting, reporting and analytics for real-time analysis and efficient management.


Over a period of time, our company policies have also increased in number. From Supply Chain Policy and Sustainability Policy to Health and Safety Policy, all of them reflect the philosophy that we share as an organisation. They have become embedded and integrated within our company systems and procedures.

Our Supply Chain Policy promotes efficient procurement processes, transparent and fair payment terms and collaborative supply chain working, something that we are renowned for.

Our Sustainability Policy, Environmental Policy and Sourcing Policy deal with reducing resource consumption and the subsequent reduction in the depletion of resources and environmental pollution, along with responsible sourcing of labour and materials. Argrove recognises and carries out our responsibilities towards sustainable development.

We also recognise our responsibility towards health and safety. Our Health and Safety Policy sets out our commitment to the provision of strong and active leadership with regard to health and safety. Furthermore, our company policy recognises the importance of the engagement of the workforce and their personal commitment towards health and safety. Argrove provides adequate resources, information, training, systems and procedures to ensure that we are carrying out our responsibilities towards health and safety.