Quality Management System

We continually strive to improve quality throughout our business. In the Argrove Database System (ADS) there is an entire section dedicated to our Quality Management System (QMS). It comprises several forms which have been designed to focus on delivering quality at site and office level as well as consistently meeting the requirements and enhancing the satisfaction of both clients and professional consultants that use our services at tender and construction stage. We consider customer care to be of utmost importance and it has become an integral part of our Quality Management System (QMS).

Our forms give us feedback which enables us to evaluate how we are performing and this gives us insight in to the effectiveness of our Quality Management System (QMS). For example, we carry out several audit processes by means of our audit forms at both site and office level. We also have forms that keep a record of training of both operatives and staff. Another form that is part of our Quality Management System (QMS) that all management are required to fill out when visiting site is the Health, Safety and Environmental Survey. This form reflects how we are performing at site level and gives us invaluable feedback. Please click on the other tabs on this page (Health, Safety and Environment) to find out more.

Health At Work

There are a number of health risks to consider in construction including but not limited to the following; respiratory risks (i.e. asbestos dust, silica dust and hazardous chemicals that can be inhaled), skin exposures (i.e. chemicals and sunlight), noise, hand arm vibration and physical strain. All of the aforementioned are commonplace health risks throughout our industry.

Our company systems and procedures, including the Argrove Database System (ADS) have been designed around health and safety issues. As an example, our contracts managers use the Health, Safety and Environmental Survey on a regular basis. This form is just one of the many sheets in the Argrove Database System (ADS). Another example is the Risk Assessment form, also part of the Argrove Database System (ADS).

 Our Health and Safety Management Policy sets out the importance of preventing and controlling health issues and training workers to make sure they are doing the job the right way and are correctly using the controls that have been put in place.

Safety At Work

Safety is firmly engrained in Argrove’s philosophy. We are responsible for the safety of everyone involved in our projects and all staff and operatives employed by us are dedicated to this commitment.

Our managers embrace and make sure our safety culture is promoted throughout our business with the support of a dedicated health and safety professional to assist them in running safe sites. Furthermore, safety checks have been designed in to our business systems and procedures; the subject is addressed within our company forms throughout the Argrove Database System (ADS).

Safety has become part of our ethos at Argrove. We continuously assess and prevent risks and encourage and manage the workforce to carry out their work properly whilst using correctly established methods of control to ensure that our sites are managed in a safe manner.


Argrove not only promotes the idea but actively engages in responsible business practice throughout our commercial activities. Climate change and diminishing natural resources are compelling us to rethink the way buildings are designed and constructed. As populations grow the demand for more buildings increases, however, development has to be safe and sustainable.

Consideration for the environment has become part of our company ethos and our Environmental Policy, Sustainability Policy and Sourcing Policy set out our philosophy regarding these matters; primarily Argrove endeavours to reduce carbon and eliminate waste. Health, safety, quality and of course consideration for the environment have all been designed in to our systems and procedures, including one of our main systems of operation, the Argrove Database System (ADS); we frequently use an Environmental Risk Assessment form and Waste Management Plans, both of which are forms within the Argrove Database System (ADS).